The First Seven Chapters of Synthesis

Synthesis: Chapter 1

  1. The beginning was the end, and the end was the beginning. A great energy traveled around and within the universe, absorbing. Another great energy traveled around and within the universe, pushing. When the great energies met, they could not fully absorb or push the Other.
  2. The energies joined, and they became conscious of their joining. As intertwined yet consciously separate energies, they became entities. As aligned entities, they created many forms, one of which was Earth. The Spirit of Goddess and God became the face of the waters, the earths, the fires, the lights, and the deep. They saw that all was good.
  3. The darkness, the small space of separation between Goddess and God, was also good. The darkness was the seed of consciousness and the beginning of division. Light spilled into dark as dark spilled into night, which created new forms, gatherings and divisions.
  4. Both light and dark are the first day and every day.
  5. Goddess and God saw what they had observed and created, as above, so below.


  6. Herbs, fruits, and vegetation are providers on Earth. Light and dark separate on Earth. Days are nights that spill into seasons, and all are signs. The stars are signs also.
  7. And They said, Let there be a myriad of energies to experience Astral and Earth, and it was already so. The space between Goddess and God created shared consciousness, which was day three. They saw that day three was within day one, and day five was already so.
  8. Goddess and God began to see qualities in themselves and other energies. They saw new ways they were different yet the same. On the sixth cycle of awareness, which may also be days, seasons, or years, they saw differently yet the same. And Goddess said, Let there be Change. And God said, Let there be Will. Goddess saw that Will was good, and God saw that Change was good.
  9. And They said, Let us create beings that have Astral and Earth images. They shall be like Us, but they will observe more closely the creatures, seas, herbs, fields, and skies below. They shall remember they are like Us, but they shall be agents of Change and Will. Each according to alignment of manifested energy.
  10. The alignments of manifested energy brought forth Love, Communication, Expansion, Restriction, and waves of Consciousness. As beings created for observation, the alignments manifested dynamically on the inside to receive awareness, genderless and ethereal. As beings created for experience, they manifested distinctively on the outside to receive pleasure, gendered and heavy.
  11. Goddess and God mourned and celebrated. They saw that good was only good when they saw it as good. They saw that the beings they had created would not always See well, yet would See in ways that would build the holograms of the universe.

Synthesis: Chapter 2

  1. And their Seeing felt like a great burden unto them in their human forms.

  2. Their Seeing was colored by all around them, until their Seeing Saw All and turned black, until their Seeing Saw None and turned white – into Day and Night in cycles.

  3. All, Sun, Allah, Alli – None, Noni, Moon, Moni. Became as forms from these cycles of Seeing.

  4. The Seers of the Dark and the Seers of the Light do not exist in human parameters. They are beyond the judgment of Light and Dark, for Lumina and Shadow exist within, as Yin, as Yang.

  5. Of Goddess and God came the Seers Seeing, but their burden was great. Opposites, polarities, comparisons, seen as exclusions. That Goddess and God were many, plural, All forms simultaneously and separately did not transfer as it is throughout the times of humans. Nor when humanity glimpsed All, did humans shift from the delusion of polarity or from the pettiness of multiplicity.

  6. They had forgotten what they had lost until they were reminded again and again. With the act of Remembering in human forms, came searching for ways to reconnect to it, sometimes through starving, freezing, burning, bleeding, and drowning.

  7. In the Beginning, came distance, and the distance was Beginning. From Dream to Shared Dream to the Memory of a Waking Life.

  8. Of water and ground, sky and fire formed them. And the form from which male came was reminiscent of God, and the form from which female came was reminscent of Goddess.

  9. And they named many things, and many new things were manifested.

  10. In their gardens and lakes they forgot, in their trees and houses they forget. The distance in them was great, for two forms only the Reality parted, so they constantly reached for the Other form to join.


  11. The name of The First Forgetting is Prison. Imprisoned in flesh, imprisoned by gender, imprisoned with survival, imprisoned in the yearning of impossible oneness, imprisoned by thoughts and in the forgetting All & Before. The forgetting of Prison is adherance to Gold in the absence of Light.

  12. And the name of The Second Forgetting is Guilt – the guilt of Others, the guilt of separation, the guilt of imperfection.

  13. And the name of The Third Forgetting is Hope: as sweetly and passionately as it serves, it does not Remember.


  14. And the People took up commandments from those they thought they Remembered, but long Before, they had established ways of Remembering All around.

  15. And when you Remember, and where you remember, you will surely change.

  16. Change is Good.

Synthesis: Chapter 3

  1. Come, says the Serpent of Arubis – Remember the times of No Time, ever oscillating. It is not my Trust you seek, it is the Tale of the end of my Tail that has no Ending. It is without heart you See no Time and without mind or Form. It is the tale of Heaven and the path of buddhas and christs, the rebirths in death and the resurrections that solicit you.

  2. Come, says the Avians and Felines, each in their own ways: Remember the Times of No Times.

  3. Love is the whole of the Law of No Times, which is formless Bright; all other Love you must forsake.

  4. And that they could—felt like great burden, but that they chose to receive these vibrations was their Initiation.

  5. They had already attached to formed things and to their beings as Forms.

  6. The cycle to Return, thus opens Pandora’s Box, thus eats Eve’s Apple, thus distorts happenings into his story.

  7. As Necessary as Life is the Arubis and his tail, for She is wisdom and that Tree upon which it all Floats in realms of realms until choices are not bound by time. As you do now, so you were and will do; as you are now, as you become now – words of time that conform to the speck of your brain that you use. Specks Before & After, the Iris, the center of the Spiral, the smallest speck into Infinity –

  8. that you cannot comprehend. This is your Tree of Knowledge, Wisdom, Non-Time, and Nothingness and Everythingness. The Spirit is the choice in the First Place & the Spirit was already chosen by those who would choose.


  9. You shall surely Change.

  1. You shall surely Die.

  2. Your eye shall be opened.

  3. You may See as Seers.

  4. And there is much to feed you and much to See.

  5. And in your wisdom is Nothingness.

  6. You are Adam Kadmon, Cthulu, Ardharishnivara, Shakti, and IAM.

  7. And from you sprouts the Tree.

  8. And when you hear the Voice among the forests and realms, you will know it is your Voice that you create.

  9. And when you know you are naked and exposed, you will See the Before & the All.

  10. This is when and where you Remember.


  11. And Goddess said to Woman: why do you eat of Man? And Woman replied, because I enjoy Man. And Goddess spoke: you will create children with such enjoyment, and children will be both your Joy & your Sorrow. They will never be yours; they will always be their own. All you will ever need is already inside of you & Joined, yet you will always seek Truth & Power that exists outside of you instead of within you. In your Joy & Sorrow, you will lose Truth & Power.

  12. And God said to Man: why do eat of Woman? And Man replied, because She tastes good. And God spoke: that you taste is Curse & Blessing; if you eat only of Her, you will starve your Spirit. You will always seek Her to feed you, when all you will ever need is already inside of you & Joined. There will be no end to your desire to spread, to Covet.

  13. And Goddess & God spoke as One: We are the Bread; You are the ground, and of these things we and you return. You are Goddess & God, Adam & Eve, Mother & Father. Your coat is your skin, and you are clothed in gender for so long as your children come forth. You have become One of Us. There is no Good & Evil Above Us. There is no human understanding below us.

  14. You are welcome to put aside your understanding and put forth your hands and eat of Us and Live Forever without skin whenever you choose, but you must Remember.

  15. There is no End to what you can and Will create.

  16. The sword forging; the flame burning; the way turning.

  17. Every way is part of the Tree of Life & Knowledge.

  18. Not all ways are roots



Synthesis: Chapter 4

  1. Man and Woman chose to know each the Other, and to create Beings together.

  2. And the Beings created Beings, each on to its possibility; the possibilities endless. To paths of ground and paths of sheep to paths of offering and paths of respect. Their countenances were vast in number.

  3. Accepatance & Denial, with desires to rule and conform. As like beget like, so did dislike beget dislike and on and on.

  4. When in your brother’s field, mind the field. Blood has a voice, and when it cries, earth opens her mouth so that you cannot see her Face.

  5. When in your sister’s mind, do not kill her thoughts. It is not your place.


  6. Murders spread so women & men chose to know more and create beings of their kinds, mingling blood – vagabond to heir.

  7. It is esoteric that people have two sides, and all the selves in-between are your brothers and sisters.

  8. And there is no end to the possibilities of sides.

  9. And as they called upon the names of themselves, they created many manifestations here, there & everywhere.

Synthesis: Chapter 5

  1. In the likeness of God & Goddess, they created them. The males & females joined into one, and then some were androgynous. Alone and together. Their names were many, singular and plural.

  2. The images of children were great and terrifying.

  3. Life manifested for hundreds of years and as long as they wanted, as it was meant to be.

  4. And some simply shed their manifesttations and returned to spirit form.

Synthesis: Chapter 6

  1. Humanity was destroyed many times in the eyes of God & Goddess because in the earth and in many ways there were imaginations so wretched that spirits attacked.

  2. Spirits also attached continually to lust and depravity, clouding all forms and modes of being.

  3. Without purity of heart, droves died in droves. Being so far away from their Higher Selves that they sought only that which was opposite of repentance and perfection.

  4. For all corruptions, violence was the fashion that never went out of fashion, as windows they were to floods and destructions of all kinds under the Sun & Moon.

  5. The flesh of dying knew no Heaven, only a premise and promise of more death.

  6. To those few who embraced death as Spiritual Truth, to them the promise of forever is the same thing— the covenant of manifestation in the first place.

Synthesis: Chapter 7

  1. And the Earth said to Nolan: do not forget the chalice from whence you came. For every ark of containment you make, part of me will be contained for only a Space.

  2. All beasts are good, according to their manifestation, even the maggot and the leech.

  3. For as you are limited by sevens, you will find it difficult to create arks that do not destroy me.

  4. And Nolan endeavored to create an ark of epic proportions that would pass through generations and expand, an ark with more than seven windows to the spaces of heavens, to experience more than winds and rains of fourty kinds, to withstand the duality of all flesh.

  5. Nolan brought breath into his ark and the breath of his wife and children, and the windows and experiences and winds and rains and fleshed awarenesses increased.

  6. But Nolan trapped himself and his kind in this ark that was no more than a path of fourty and thousand twice.

  7. All flesh Seeth differently and contained it cannot be forever, for never will the whole of heavens and earths be covered.

  8. Not even the mountains could Nolan contain.

  9. Dead flesh does not contain spirit — nor does coverance, contortions, or containment of flesh infuse Flesh with Spirit — in vanity is death and Nolan claimed and coveted too much within and with his ark that was manifested flesh.

  10. It is not the nostrils: it is Breath.

  11. Each ark alive within each; each conntected to each, uncontained by one Flesh.