The Medulla Review Submission Guidelines for the Holistic Bible

We are rewriting the Holy Bible, and we invite you to become a part of this epic endeavor.  The goal of such a grand edit is to transform misinformation, hate, dogma, and limited spiritual concepts into information, love, holism, and unlimited spiritual potential.

Information About the Holistic Bible

Approximately every chapter of the Holy Bible will be rewritten in order to transform it into the Holistic Bible.  The first chapter from many books of the Holy Bible have already been rewritten, and Synthesis (formerly Genesis) is nearing completion.  We will periodically update the chapters that are available to rewrite HERE; please check chapter availability prior to submitting!

How to Submit

You may offer between one and seven rewritten chapters of the Holy Bible at a time, but only if they are in order.  Meaning, you may submit Synthesis, Chapter 50-57, but not Chapter 5, 9, and 40.  Do not submit over 5,000 words at a time.  One of your chapters may be one sentence or many, and the length does not have to mirror the length of the chapters in the Holy Bible.

If you are serious about writing the Holistic Bible, we strongly suggest that you read at least some of the chapters currently available to the public at: holisticbible.org.  By accepting the responsibility to rewrite even a chapter of the Holy Bible, you are taking the stance to become – and that you have become – inspired by energies outside of yourself.  Your offering should be divined.

The first issue of The Medulla Review featuring works of the Holistic Bible will be published online on December 21, 2017, the first day of the Winter Solstice / Yule.

Email your offerings to: holisticbible (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Your offerings may be accepted in whole or in part for the online issue and the print version.  In the subject line put Holistic Bible Offering and the chapter(s) you have written. Example: Holistic Bible Offering, Synthesis 31-33.

Publication Agreement

If your Holistic Bible offering is accepted, you may choose to have your bio on the bio page of this website.  Your bio may be long (within reason) or short, with links, pictures, or anything you’d like to share about yourself to the world (within reason).

By offering your work, however, you are agreeing to become a part of the rewriting of the Holistic Bible without credit or name-calling.  You will not be recognized in the online publications of The Medulla Review or the print publication of the Holistic Bible, your name will not appear anywhere in the Holistic Bible, nor will any other names of credit appear, except the Second Hand Collective.

You are further agreeing to relinquish all rights and attachments, legal or otherwise, to your offering.  By submitting, your work becomes a part of the copyright of the Holistic Bible and is subject to editing.

The 2018 publication schedule for issues will be as follows:

Makar Sankranti : January 14

Imbolc : February 1

Passover : March 30

Earth Day : April 22

Pentecost : May 20

Summer Solstice : June 21

Tanabata : July 7

Dormition of the Theotokos : August 15

Mabon : September 23

Dussehra : October 19

International Men’s Day : November 19

Bodhi Day : December 8

Additional Information about the Holistic Bible

Each book of the Holistic Bible will also be published in print individually.  Synthesis, the first book of the series, will be published in December, 2017.

If your offering is accepted and you feel inspired to write A LOT of the Holistic Bible, just let us know.  Do not, however, submit additional chapters until you have received a response on the chapter(s) you submitted.

If you would like to rewrite a chapter of Genesis – for Synthesis – please send your chapter offering as quickly as possible.  We are accepting offerings for chapters 30-50.

You may promote, spread the word, criticize, share via social media, or call attention to the Holistic Bible in any fashion you choose.  If your offering is accepted, you may indicate that you are a part of the Second Hand Collective, but please do not publicly share what chapter(s) you wrote.

In addition to numbered chapters, sentences and paragraphs will also be numbered for ease of reference in the future.  You are not required to insert the numbering, but you may do so if you like.

The reinterpreted names of the books of the Holistic Bible that have been currently divined by S.H. Coll are as follows: Synthesis (Genesis), Emergence (Exodus), Sacredness (Leviticus), Symbols (Numbers), Society (Deuteronomy), Josh (Joshua), Juggernaut (Judges), Regards (Ruth), 1 & 2 Shame (Samuel), 1& 2 King (Kings), 1 & 2 Archives (Chronicles), Strata (Ezra), Jobs (Job), Metaphors (Proverbs), Song of Solo (Song of Solomon), Dreams (Daniel), Many (Matthew), Marks (Mark), Light (Luke), Join (John), Ax (Acts), Reflections (Romans), 1 & 2 Culture (Corinthians), Galleys (Galations), Elysians (Ephesians), Feelings (Phillipians), Creations (Colossians), 1 & 2 Tesselations (Thessalonians), Transcendence (Revelation).

If you have any questions about this project, please eMail us at:

holisticbible (AT) gmail (DOT) com.