The Medulla Review Submission Guidelines

Offer works under 5,000 words that fit Medulla.  You tell us whether it’s prose, poetry, or beyond.   We are drawn to works that are not self-consciously created and labeled as academic, underground, or otherwise dogmatic and pretentious.  From horror to bliss, Medulla Sees through a spiritually holistic lens, and all work offered should in some way serve the purpose and goal of evolving the human spirit.

The Medulla Review issues will be published twelve times per year.  Each issue will be on the date of an important holy day or other observance, and each issue will be centered around a theme.  See the Links to Holism page to read more about them.  Themes are connected to the dates chosen, but they’re also open to interpretation.

The 2017-2018 publication schedule for issues & themes will be as follows:

Yule: December 21 – Seed

Makar Sankrati: January 14 – Movement

Passover: March 30 – Freedom

Earth Day: April 22 – Re-purpose

Pentecost: May 20 – Fire

Summer Solstice: June 21 – Reconciliation

Tanabata: July 7 – Poetry

Dormition of the Theotokos: August 15 – Container

Mabon: September 23 – Pomegranate

Dussehra: October 19 – Gratitude

International Men’s Day: November 19 – Androgyny

Bodhi Day: December 8 – Distraction


Each issue will include credited prose, poetry, and beyond from exceptional writers, as well as anonymous Holistic Bible excerpts.  For Holistic Bible submission guidelines, go HERE.

To submit your writing, please eMail: medullapresents (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Your subject line should include: Issue Submitting for, Title of Work, and Type of Work. Example: Summer Solstice, Purple Abyss, Beyond. Please include a cover letter, brief bio, and a comment stating how your work relates to the Issue’s theme in the body of your eMail.  You may submit work in the body of the eMail or as an attachment in word.